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Zinc & Clear Chromate Conversion Coating of a Bolt for the Office Equipment Industry

(click on thumbnail to enlarge)Clear Chromate Coating of a Bolt for the Office Equipment Industry

At Rochester Overnight Plating, LLC we work hard every day to continually improve our processes to make our rack plating services the best they can be. We have many customers who take advantage of our clear chromate coating capabilities, enabling us to fine-tune our chemistries and techniques and deliver top quality results at competitive prices.

Clear chromate coatings are widely used as a corrosion inhibitor. We plated the bolt pictured here for a customer in the office equipment industry. Featuring dimensions of 2″ in length with a .25″ thread diameter, it was given a RoHS-compliant clear chromate coating with a minimum thickness tolerance of 0.00020″. We were able to process 376 units within 3-days, shipping the finished components to the customer in accordance with demands of their assembly operations. If you have a similar project and would like more information about our reliable and cost-effective plating services, contact us today.

Highlights of Clear Chromate Coating this Office Equipment Industry Component

Product DescriptionBolt piece for copier (fastener hardware)
Clear Chromate Coating Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPrimary:
Clear Chromate Coating
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartRack plating
Overall Part Dimensions2 in x .25 thread diameter
Tightest TolerancesMinimum Thickness: 0.00020"
Plating SpecificationsMN150-0005 Clear Chromate RoHS
Material FinishClear Chromate Coated
In process testing/inspection performedCertificate of Conformance, In-House Laboratory Testing
Industry for UseOffice Equipment
Delivery/Turnaround TimeApprox. 3 days
Standards MetCustomer Specifications
Product NameBolt