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Quality Control at Rochester Overnight Plating

Rochester Overnight Plating LLC., maintains quality control by utilizing an in- house laboratory testing facility, using two non-destructive X-Ray's and by following QS 9000 and ISO 14001 guidelines. ITAR Registration is pending this summer.

All X-Rays, Standards, Measuring Equipment(Caliper, Micrometeres), Temperature Gauges, Oven, PH Meters, and Scales are calibrated and certified on an annual or bi-annual basis. All Certifications are available upon request. Quality Audits are welcome by appointment.

Rochester Overnight Plating LLC. has been compliant with the RoHS directive as follows:
  • Zinc &Clear Chromate - since 1995
  • Zinc & Black Chromate - since march 2005
  • Electroless Nickel - since March 2005
  • Passivation (non-chromated) - since 1998
  • Brite Dip (non-chromated) - since 1998
  • RoHS Yellow - since December 2010
    Non- RoHS compliant coatings are as follows:
    • Yellow Hexavalent Conversion Coating
    • Black Hexavalent Conversion Coating
    • Olive Drab Hexavalent Conversion Coating